February 27th, 2013

Richard Long,  A line in the Himalayas, 1975

Richard Long, Walking a line in Peru, 1972



Albert Van Abbe ‎– Sugar Lobby Series (Curle Recordings)

Albert van Abbe – Liveset test for ://About Blank Berlin 10/08/12


Ancient Methods ‎– Secret Thirteen Mix 058


Recondite live @ Les Enfants Terribles, TrouwAmsterdam – 29-12-2012

Recondite Live@Remedy Brooklyn NYC

Kana Broadcast 039 Dino Sabatini

Smoke Machine Podcast 075 Dino Sabatini



February 24th, 2013

untitled (K.Day) by nico





February 18th, 2013

untitled (When The Voices Come) by nico





February 15th, 2013

Suzanne Mooney – Make Love to the Camera



Rémy Zaugg – SCHAU,/ICH BIN/BLIND,/SCHAU, 1999-2000



Damien Hirst – I Can See Clearly Now, 1991





February 14th, 2013

Death by Architecture



Air (Pete Namlook) ‎– Air, 1993


Air (Pete Namlook) – Lost in Passion / Air, 1993


Dreamfish (Pete Namlook & Morris Gould) – Hymn / Dreamfish, 1993





February 12th, 2013


1963 Mount Everest expedition



X-TG – Abschied (Nico cover featuring Blixa Bargeld)


Seinem Geiste bekenne ich mich
Ein Sehnen verzehret sein schönes Gesicht
Das ermattet von Güte beschattet allmächtig ist

Sein Körper bewegt sich nicht
Im Traume sich endlich sein Zwingen vergisst

Den heulenden Jubel erkenne ich nicht
Der mir den heiligen Frieden zerbricht
Sein schweigender Mund, seine schlafende Brust
Harren zärtlich der süßen Lust

Sein Körper bewegt sich nicht
Im Traume sich endlich sein Zwingen vergisst




February 11th, 2013

20.11.12  18:25:43



Echochorus | Aelita (Entropy Records)

Aelita is the first professional full length CD album of the Echochorus, new musical project of Kirils Lomunovs. This feature has come by means of soviet synthesizers as a try to construct modern sound like a continuation for the visual reality built at soviet movie “Aelita.The Queen of Mars”(director Yakov Protazanov, USSR, 1924).




Aelita – Queen of Mars (1924),  Director: Yakov Protazanov



February 10th, 2013

Paweł Pierściński


Steve Roach, Byron Metcalf ‎– Tales From The Ultra Tribe (Projekt)


Robert Rich & B. Lustmord ‎– Stalker



February 5th, 2013

Ólafur Elíasson, Window projection, 1990



Samuel Kerridge ‎– Auris Interna (Horizontal Ground)


RA.349 Samuel Kerridge


Kangding Ray LIVE in the Boiler Room

Kangding Ray – Electronic Explorations WAREHOUSE mix



February 1st, 2013

Cosey Fanni Tutti in Studio of Lust, Nuffield Gallery, Southampton, 1975


Cosey Fanni Tutti ‎– Time To Tell (1983)


Cosey Fanni Tutti – Licking the juice



Carter Tutti Void (Chris Carter & Cosey Fanni Tutti and Nik Void)  – Transverse (Mute)


Carter Tutti Void – V4 studio (Slap 2) [Dazed & Confused Exclusive]

Carter Tutti Void – V2 (Edit)


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