February 27th, 2010

Presence and Absence

installation / 180 x 80 x 250 cm / wood, white coating
exhibition monastery malgarten / germany / 2008

“the installation is a room within a room – into a former cell  of the monastery malgarten we built in a second room made of wood and  paint. this second space causes to vanish the first one in the surrounding.
the installation contains literally nothing, it is all  about the pure room.
you realize that empty spaces are distances you have to traverse.

we are ongoing concentrated on themes such as emptiness, emptiness as mental space, space as place for retreat. a room was cleared out – what is left?
the work handles with the terms of presence and absence. what can you see and what will stay hidden?

the work is austere, both material and form. this decision was made  conscious. the installation isn´t narrative at first, this will allow  each spectator his very own interpretation, imagination. we would like to leave the work as ”open” as possible.”

Via 22quadrat

February 25th, 2010

WhiteOut by SpaceOperaForm
Hallein Salt Factory, Austria
spunbond polypropylene
150 x 1.5 meters

Via Dezeen

February 24th, 2010

4 elements

Joel Shapiro
4 elements, 2003
aluminum, dimensions variable

February 23rd, 2010

How Much Does your Building Weigh, Mr Foster?

Norman Foster’s projects are photographed in a cinematic style that seeks to bring the spectacular nature of their size and scale to the big screen.

United Kingdom, Spain, 2010, 72 min

Director: Norberto Lopez, Carlos Carcas

More about the film..

February 22nd, 2010

Geometry, 2009
Impression au jet d’encre  Ink jet print
122 x 91.5 cm
February 21st, 2010

Brasstronaut – Old World Lies

Brasstronaut – Old World Lies 2009 from Salazar

February 21st, 2010

Peter K.Koch
Six trashed items,2006
pencil, crayon on paper
February 20th, 2010

there’s no return

Alison Moffett

there’s no return, farewell
graphite on paper, 225 x 300cm 2006
February 19th, 2010

La cicatrice intérieure (1972)
February 18th, 2010

Tomas Saraceno’s installation

“Tomas Saraceno is a visionary artist who aspires to bridge the gap between art and science. Knowledgeable about principles of physics, chemistry and architecture, he has made use of high technology to design cities in the air.”

Tomas Saraceno
Galaxies Forming Along Filaments, Like Droplets Along the Strands of A Spiders Web
elastic rope
installation view Tanya Bonakdar Gallery 2008

Tomas Saraceno
Installation view Statens Museum Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark

February 16th, 2010

Shinobu Nemoto – Improvisations #1

An epic album by Japanese artist Shinobu Nemoto.

“These five extended pieces for effects plus guitar were all recorded without overdubs in a single take, but they certainly do not sound improvised.  Nemoto pushes his blurred, smoldering, post-shoegaze noise into simple but effective variations on a theme of the arcing crescendo.  It seems that he’s capturing loops as he goes, and stacks the harmonically rich layers of distortion, E-bow drones, and throttled rumbles into incrementally dense constructs.  At the height of each of each of his crescendos, Nemoto offers a restrained guitar solo, at times in impressionist form of a high-lonesome slide guitar.  Nemoto plays tour guide to an imaginary mountain range, taking his audience up to the pinnacle and providing grandiose views from that vantage point.”

– Jim Haynes for The Wire

Shinobu Nemoto – 04 16 27 14 jan. 2009


February 14th, 2010

5 Sticks

“‘Sayler’s art is based on both chance and precisions. It is located in elementals between line, surface and body, not only in the framework of limited pictures and objects, but also in situations related to space in which signs condense seemingly at random to a space-infringing installation. Exploiting the interrelationship of chance and regularity, he links the rational with the emotional. This emphatically emotional stance is pathbreaking; it opposes the one-sided, rationalist methods of the Concrete Art of recent decades, where so much is simply variation and duplication within limited contexts.” Paul Brand

5 Sticks, 1976 , Diet Sayler
Suspended sculpture,Wood and Nylon

February 12th, 2010

Lines among Lines

Nasreen Mohamedi, Untitled, ca. 1982. Ink on paper
February 12th, 2010

Pjusk – Sval

Sval is the second full-length release by Pjusk.

12K 1059 RELEASE: MARCH 16, 2010





February 10th, 2010

Marcel Dettmann – Dettmann

Marcel Dettmann – Dettmann
February 9th, 2010

Anna by ZMIK

Anna by ZMIK
February 8th, 2010

Wolfgang Voigt resurrects Profan

Wolfgang Voigt has once again revived Profan, the experimental label he ran from 1993 to 2000, with one extra release in 2008.

SOG’s Abweichung
February 6th, 2010

Wim Wender's Pina Bausch Project


  • by Wim Wenders
  • 100 min, Digital 3D
  • Postproduction, to be completed 2010

NEUE ROAD MOVIES and TANZTHEATER WUPPERTAL PINA BAUSCH announce the commencement of pre-production on PINA, the first dance feature film to be shot in 3D.

Wenders said: “The two-dimensional cinema screen is just not capable of capturing Pina Bausch’s work, either emotionally or aesthetically. When I watched her dance for the first time twenty-five years ago, I was captivated and deeply moved. I was able to understand human movement, gestures and feelings in a whole new way. And this magic is what I would like to translate to the screen, working closely with Pina Bausch and her dancers. 3D gives us the possibility of taking the audience directly onto the stage, into the middle of the event.“
Producer Gian-Piero Ringel: “Only mainstream 3D films have been available so far, as this new format has been developed with commercial preferences. With PINA, we offer a highly artistic 3D film for the first time. “

Through the collaboration of Pina Bausch and Wim Wenders, along with the pioneer of European stereographie Alain Derobe, we will set a new benchmark for 3D.

Pina Bausch, artistic director of the TANZTHEATER WUPPERTAL PINA BAUSCH since 1973, has expanded and reformulated the language of dance with her innovative and unique choreography. Her work has become legendary and performances continue to sell out world-wide. Three dances are planned for PINA: CAFÉ MÜLLER (world premiere 1978), SACRE DU PRINTEMPS (world premiere 1975), VOLLMOND (world premiere 2006).

February 2nd, 2010

Aphex Twin – Live @ Traffic Festival (Torino)

Live footage of Aphex Twin’s DJ Set at Traffic Festival 2005 – Torino (Italy)

Music by Richard D. James (Aphex Twin)

Video installation by Chris Cunningham

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