January 29th, 2010

Floating Sauna

Floating Sauna, Hardangerfjord, Norway 2002

Casagrande & Rintala
Workshop together with Västlands Kunstakademie, Bergen.

Floating Sauna
January 25th, 2010

Andrew Pekler – Entanglements In The Orthoperic Sensorium

Andrew Pekler “Entanglements in the Orthopedic Sensorium”

January 23rd, 2010

Steve Reich – Music For 18 Musicians

ECM New Series 1129

“Music for 18 Musicians is a seminal work of musical minimalism composed by Steve Reich during 1974-1976. Its world premiere was on April 24, 1976 at Town Hall, New York. Following this, a recording of the piece was released by ECM New Series.

Music for 18 Musicians was written for a cello, violin, two clarinets (both players double on bass clarinet), four pianos, three marimbas, two xylophones, a metallophone, and four women’s voices. In the introduction to the score, Reich mentions that although the piece is named Music for 18 Musicians, it is not necessarily advisable to perform the piece with that few players due to the extensive doubling it requires. With only 18 musicians.

The piece is based around a cycle of eleven chords. A small piece of music is based around each chord, and the piece returns to the original cycle at the end. The sections are aptly named “Pulses,” and Section I-XI. This was Reich’s first attempt at writing for larger ensembles, and the extension of performers resulted in a growth of psycho-acoustic effects, which fascinated Reich, and he noted that he would like to “explore this idea further”. A prominent factor in this work is the augmentation of the harmonies and melodies and the way that they develop this piece. Another important factor in the piece is the use of human breath, used in the clarinets and voices, which help structure and bring a pulse to the piece. The player plays the pulsing note for as long as he can hold it, while each chord is melodically deconstructed by the ensemble, along with augmentation of the notes held. The metallophone (unplugged vibraphone), is used to cue the ensemble to change patterns or sections.

Some sections of the piece have an ABCDCBA structure, and Reich noted that this one work contained more harmonic movement in the first five minutes than any other work he had written.”



January 17th, 2010

Len Faki – Rainbow Delta / Mekong Delta

Album: Rainbow Delta / Mekong Delta

Artist: Len Faki

Gerne: Electronic

Style: House, Techno

Label: Ostgut Tonträger

Released: 08 Jan 2007


A   Rainbow Delta 9:26

B   Mekong Delta 8:14

January 15th, 2010

Chihei Hatakeyama – A Long Journey

Chihei Hatakeyama – A Long Journey
January 9th, 2010


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January 9th, 2010

January 9th, 2010

Lost in the Forest

Lost in the Forest

I’d given up hope. Hadn’t eaten in three
days. Resigned to being wolf meat …
when, unbelievably, I found myself in
a clearing. Two goats with bells
round their necks stared at me:
their pupils like coin slots
in piggy banks. I could have gotten
the truth out of those two,
if goats spoke. I saw leeks
and radishes planted in rows;
wash billowing on a clothesline …
and the innocuous-looking cottage
in the woods with its lapping tongue
of a welcome mat slurped me in.

In the kitchen, a woman so old her sex
is barely discernible pours a glass
of fraudulent milk. I’m so hungry
my hand shakes. But what is this liquid?
“Drink up, sweetheart,” she says,
and as I wipe the white mustache
off with the back of my hand:
“Atta girl.” Have I stumbled
into the clutches of St. Somebody?
Who can tell. “You’ll find I prevail here
in my own little kingdom,” she says as
she leads me upstairs—her bony grip
on my arm a proclamation of ownership,
as though I’ve always been hers.

Lost in the Forest by Amy Gerstler
January 8th, 2010

Mika Vainio – Time Examined

“In the past thirteen years Mika Vainio has exhibited in some of the major art spaces in Europe, and he has collaborated with both a number of important artists and curators. Since his musical work has been in the focus of attention, his installations have never gained the broader recognition they deserve — without good reason. In the present book, an overview will give a clear outline of this segment of his oeuvre. Also his realized soundtracks for other artists, in the genres of video, film and dance are included. Each work is presented with a significant selection of images (installation views, visuals or sketches) and an explanatory text to deliver its basic idea. In the two essays Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Daniela Cascella – longtime companions and collaborators — delicately introduce Vainio’s conceptions to further enlight the reader’s understanding. On the enclosed CDs one can find a selection of tracks created for the respective installations and soundtracks.

catalogue + 2 CD audio, 92 pages, colour/monochrome, texts by daniel klemm, daniela cascella and carl michael von hausswolff

CD1 – mika vanio. time examined, all tracks originate from the installation and soundtrack pieces presented in the book

CD2 – Ø + noto. mikro makro, this is a re-issue of the original CD released on noton/rastermusic in 1997″ raster-noton

Album: Time Examined

Artist: Mika Vainio

Gerne: Electronic

Style: Abstract, Experimental

Label: Raster-Noton

Released: 10 Feb 2010

Tracklist :
Mika Vainio. Time Examined
1-1 Ilmanvaihto 7:19
1-2 -27 1:32
1-3 The Human Fly 3:13
1-4 Berns 5:49
1-5 Half Awake Half Asleep 4:07
1-6 Berlin Sound Chamber 9:32
1-7 3 x Wall Clocks 2:33
1-8 Omertà 7:14
1-9 Monumentti 2:01
1-10 Sondear 5:42
1-11 4 x Radio 18:32
Ø + Noto. Mikro Makro
2-1 Ø – Untitled 12:30
2-2 Noto – Untitled 10:04
2-3 Ø – Untitled 11:54
2-4 Noto – Untitled 6:33

January 3rd, 2010

Mem1 – +1

“Mem1 seamlessly blends the sounds of cello and electronics to create a
limitless palette of sonic possibilities. In their improvisation-based
performances, Mark and Laura Cetilia’s use of custom hardware and
software, in conjunction with a uniquely subtle approach to cello
technique, result in the creation of a single voice rather than a duet
between two individuals. Their music moves beyond melody, lyricism and
traditional structural confines, revealing an organic evolution of
sound that has been called “a perfect blend of harmony and cacophony”
(Forced Exposure).”

‘… unlike trees or their roots, the rhizome connects any point to
any other point, and its traits are not necessarily linked to traits of
the same nature; it brings into play very different regimes of signs,
and even non-sign states. The rhizome is reducible neither to the one
not the multiple. It is not the One that becomes Two or even directly three, four, five…’ [Deleuze & Guattari (1980): A Thousand Plateaus]

Interval Recordings’ second release by Los Angeles-based
electroacoustic duo Mem1 (Mark + Laura Cetilia), introduces listeners
to a series of collaborations between the duo and nine guest artists:
Jan Jelinek, Ido Govrin, Area C, RS-232, Frank Bretschneider, Kadet
Kuhne, Jen Boyd, Jeremy Drake, and Steve Roden. Whether the
collaborations took place in an old cabin by the lake, on a hot and
hazy day in a painter’s studio, or floating through the infinite void
of virtual space, the resulting works act as transportive vessels.
Removing us from our surroundings, they deliver us to a place that
cannot exist in our daily lives, a transformative space in which
impossible realities collide and time ceases to exist. Comprised of
lush tapestries, fuzzy dissonances, echoed rhythms and waves of
electronic wash, +1 is electroacoustic chamber music for the twenty-first century.

Album:  +1

Artist : Mem1

Genre: Classical,
Style:Modern Classical,

Label: Interval Recordings

Released: 19 Apr 2009

1  +Jan Jelinek
Composed By, Performer – Jan Jelinek , Mem1
2  +Ido Govrin
Composed By, Performer – Ido Govrin , Mem1
3  +Area C
Composed By, Performer – Area C , Mem1
4  +RS-232
Composed By, Performer – Mem1 , RS-232
5  +Frank Bretschneider
Composed By, Performer – Frank Bretschneider , Mem1
6  +Kadet Kuhne
Composed By, Performer – Kadet Kuhne , Mem1
7  +Jen Boyd
Composed By, Performer – Jen Boyd , Mem1
8  +Jeremy Drake
Composed By, Performer – Jeremy Drake , Mem1
9  +Steve Roden
Composed By, Performer – Mem1 , Steve Roden

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