December 28th, 2009

Field Rotation – Licht und Schatten

Licht und Schatten is the new venture from Germany’s Field Rotation,
and also the prelude to his main album due for release on Fluid Audio
in 2010.

Field Rotation was founded in 2008 by the electronic music composer and producer Christoph Berg in Kiel, northern Germany.

Experimenting with electronic and
classical elements this project combines floating soundscapes with
electroacoustic colours to create minimalistic soundtracks renouncing
of visualisation, but interacting with the listeners emotions and
As a violinist and pianist Christoph combines the synthetic sound
engineering with natural sounds to communicate his short acoustic tales
and impressions.

Album: Licht und Schatten

Artist : Field Rotation

Genre: Electronic

Style:  Glitch,
Modern Classical,

Label: Fluid Audio

Released: 26 Oct 2009



1  Abendrot      9:09
2  Polarlicht     11:00
3  Lichtermeer     6:45
4  Lichtbrechung     7:09
5  Mondfinsternis     8:29
6  Tiefflug     9:14
7  Schlafwandler     5:16

December 22nd, 2009

FACT mix 111: Redshape

The final FACT Mix of 2009 is by techno’s favourite masked crusader: Redshape.

identity was unknown when his first 12″, ‘2084′/’ULTRA’, dropped on
Music Man Records in 2006, but he’s since “come out” – revealing
himself to be a German producer by the name of Sebastian Kramer. A
series of killer EPs and singles followed for discerning labels like
Delsin, Styrax Leaves, Millions of Moments and Kramer’s own Present,
yielding classic tracks like ‘Dog Days’ and ‘Blood Into Dust’.

Redshape sound is a subtle extrapolation of Detroit techno, and as a
producer and live performer Kramer conjures great intensity out of
moody, nuanced grooves, stirring dancefloors to rapture without
recourse to dumb riffs and unearned kickdrum-pounding. His music sounds
as hypnotic and powerful at home as it does in clubs, and his recently
released debut album, The Dance Paradox, seals his reputation
– being an elegantly crafted suite that pays tribute to classic techno
while subtly redefining it for the 21 century.

FACT Mix is a live set recently recorded in Berlin, and is virtually a
“greatest hits” selection, albeit one rendered with a sense of mischief
and improvisation.


Tracklist :
Logan’s Run Intro
Redshape – White – Delsin
Redshape – Fortress – Unreleased (Live Only)
Newworldaquarium – Trespassers – Redshape Trespassed Mix
Redshape – Untitled – Unreleased (Live Only)
Redshape – Neo – Unreleased (Live Only)
Redshape – Slow Monday – Styrax Leaves
Redshape – Unltrafunk – Unreleased (Live Only)
Redshape – What’s On A Moog’s Mind? – Podium
Logan’s Run Outro


December 21st, 2009

Studio 1 – Studio 1

One of Cologne artist Wolfgang Voigt’s most celebrated aliases, Studio 1 is not so much a title but rather a series of ten influential records. Beginning with the Green record in 1995, Voigt began releasing one Studio 1 record after another, with each untitled record bearing only a different color to differentiate it from its predecessor. The records featured a unique style of ultra-minimal techno, characterized by a palette of bouncy beats at varying frequencies, intricately arranged into a spacious yet complex multi-layered rhythm.

Album: Studio 1

Artist : Studio 1

Genre: Electronic

Style:  Minimal Techno

Label: Studio 1

Released: 12 Jan 2009



1 Neu 1      4:42
2 Blau 2     7:57
3 Neu 2     7:10
4 Gold 2     9:28
5 Rosa 1     8:51
6 Neu 3     4:56
7 Lila 3     9:05
8 Rot 2     5:52
9 Gelb 1     8:46
10 Neu 4     5:33

December 20th, 2009

Paul Kalkbrenner – Reworks

This is Berlin-based Paul Kalkbrenner’s fourth full-length CD on the
BPitch Control label, featuring re-workings of his earlier 12″ tracks
by Wighnomy Brothers, Sascha Funke, Agoria, Ellen Allien & Apparat,
Joris Voorn, Alexander Kowalski, Modeselektor and Michael Mayer.
ReWorks is a very special project that Paul has been planning for a
long time. He asked some of his friends, whom he also very much
appreciates musically, for remixes. Paul opened his treasure box so
everyone could pick the track he/she likes most and play around with
it. The result is a wonderful remix album that not only gives a new
touch to some of Kalkbrenner’s greatest tracks, but was fun work for
the experienced remixers. Wighnomy Brothers introduce us to the record
smoothly, but in an exciting way. They crafted their version of
“Steinbeisser” without any beats and only concentrated on pure sound.
Sascha Funke’s “Miles Away” gets down to business right away —
striking beats and a sing-along melody of a reverb synth that, towards
the end, builds up to an upbeat peak. The first half of Agoria’s remix
of “Page 1, 2, 3” is a beat that lays itself upon you hypnotically, and
the second half shows off with a great accordion line from the
original. The wake-up call comes from Ellen Allien & Apparat. First
melodic, swinging beats jump around happily, then break, facet and beat
again, in unison with the melody. Joris Voorn’s version of “Press On”
is a blend of thrilling anticipation and impatience. Alexander Kowalski
focuses on a straight and pushing beat of a dry bass drum with a nice
reverbed vocal sample. Modeselektor sound like a techno marching band
with their version of “Gia 2000,” and Michael Mayer is the whispering
fade-out. One chord only is enough to set free all those happy
happy-hormones that make you dance to the stereo and start this CD all
over again!

Album: Paul Kalkbrenner – Reworks

Artist : VA

Genre: Electronic

Style: Techno,

Label: BPitch Control

Released: 09 Oct 2006


1   Steinbeisser (Wighnomy Brothers Remix)      4:34
Remix – Wighnomy Brothers
2   Miles Away (Sascha Funke Remix)     7:25
Remix – Sascha Funke
3   Page 1, 2, 3 (Agoria Remix)     5:54
Remix – Agoria
4   Queer Fellow (Ellen Allien & Apparat Remix)     6:11
Remix – Ellen Allien & Apparat
5   Press On (Joris Voorn Remix)     5:28
Remix – Joris Voorn
6   Gebrünn Gebrünn (Alexander Kowalski Remix)     7:13
Remix – Alexander Kowalski
7   Gia 2000 (Modeselektor Remix)     6:11
Remix – Modeselektor
8   Feature Me (Michael Mayer Remix)     6:46

9   Der Berserker (Paul Kalkbrenner Remix)      6:33
Remix – Paul Kalkbrenner


December 19th, 2009

Carlo Van de Roer – The Orbs

Carlo Van de Roer was born in 1975 on a hill in Wellington, New Zealand. He studied photography at Victoria University then left New Zealand in 1999. Van de Roer got lost in Central America and various other corners of the world before finally landing in New York, where he now lives and works.

He has exhibited work with Mehr Gallery, Petra Projects, NY ADC and Jen
Bekman Gallery in New York, Arena1 in California and MUSAC Spanish
Museum of Contemporary Art in Leon. Van de Roer is a recipient of the
ADC Young Guns Award, APA Silver to Pixels Award for Fine Art and the
PDN PIX Award. He was a 2007 Hot Shot and named among the Photolucida
Top 50 Photographers.

eries is entitled Orbs
and it consists of multiple photographs with a slight touch of digital
manipulation, specifically a singular perfect circle rests atop each

What gives each photograph its allure and mystique is the
interaction between the figures and the flatly-colored orb. The figures
react in different ways to the intrusion – astonishment, reverence or
even ambivalence.

Orbs by Carlo Van de Roer

December 5th, 2009

Delta Funktionen – Electromagnetic Radiation

Album:  Electromagnetic Radiation Part II

Artist : Delta Funktionen

Genre: Electronic

Style: Techno,
Dub Techno

Label: Ann Aimee

Released: Oct 2009



A1  Deflection      8:11
A2  Dawn         5:54
B1  Intruder     7:15
B2  Pretermission     6:22


Album:  Electromagnetic Radiation Part I

Artist : Delta Funktionen

Genre: Electronic

Style: Techno,
Dub Techno

Label: Ann Aimee

Released: 26 Apr 2008




A    Nebula           8:08
AA  Estuary          9:37

December 4th, 2009

John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Apotheosis (1970)

16mm film, color, sound, 18-1/2 minutes
Directed & produced by John Lennon & Yoko Ono

“The film was made in winter, using a camera filming from a hot air balloon, and despite its apparent seamlessness, is edited in three parts.  The first part, lasting only a few seconds, shows the head and shoulders of Ono and Lennon in close-up, wrapped in coats and scarves, their mouths and noses muffled against the cold. Both stand silently in the square of a picturesque English village.
In the next, longer section, the camera draws upward away from the square, showing rooftops, an aerial view of cars, people, buildings, the local church, and, as the village recedes, a patchwork of fields covered in snow.
As the sounds of the village die away a silence ensues, intensifying proportionally as the balloon rises.  The silence is broken only by the distant barking of dogs far below, the occasional gunshot as someone hunting in the fields pursues his prey, and the sound of the hot air balloon’s apparatus.  The white landscape recedes as the balloon gently drifts further and further upward, until there is complete silence.
In the third and final section, the balloon ascends into white clouds and the screen remains white for several minutes until the balloon re-emerges above the clouds, where the blue sky and winter sun can suddenly be seen.  The journey ends with this dramatic, sublime image of a clear blue sky. ”  by Chrissie Isles

Try it

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