April 19th, 2012

Endless House | Frederick Kiesler


“The Endless House is called the “endless” because all ends and meet continously.
It is endless like the human body. There is no beginning and end to it. The “Endless” is rather sensuous. More like the female body in contrast to sharp-angled male architecture.
All ends meet in the “Endless” as they meet in life. Life’s rhythms are cyclical. All ends of living meet during twenty-four hours, during a week, a lifetime. They touch one another with the kiss of time. They shake hands, stay, say goodbye, return through the same or other doors, come and go through multi-links, secretive or obvious, or through the whims of memory.
One box next to another.
One box below another.
One box above another.
Until they grow into tumors of skycrapers.
The coming of the Endless House is inevitable in a world coming to and end. It is the last refuge for man as man.”  – Friedrich Kiesler: Inside the endless house



Claro Intelecto – Still Here

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