May 20th, 2014


Igor Mitoraj





F.E. Denning – 1 / Rites Of Passage (Posh Isolation)

F. E. Denning ‎– Descent Into Darkness (Sleepy Hollow Editions)








April 6th, 2014

Vladimir Zidlicky

Vladimir Zidlicky



Rose Alliance ‎– Understanding And Appreciation: International Reforms In Sex (Posh Isolation)


Rose Alliance ‎– Scandinavian Pictures (Posh Isolation)







February 24th, 2014

David Salle



Age Coin ‎– Perceptions (Alter)

Age Coin – Hard Knit 1 untitled (Posh Isolation)


Koenraad Ecker ‎– Ill Fares The Land (Digitalis Recordings)







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