June 12th, 2012

Tatiana Leshkina



In Paradisum Mixtape


Vatican Shadow – The Triumph Of Religion (Hospital Productions)
Kuedo – Glow (Clark remix) (Planet Mu)
Borealis – Wandering Atrial (Origami Sound)
Cristian Vogel – Cancion Sintecta (Mille Plateaux)
IUEKE – Tape 1 (Antinote)
Pete Swanson – Remote View (Type records)
Low Jack & Qoso – Like it soft (In Paradisum)
Seldom Felt 4 – B1 (Seldom Felt)
#4.26 – South Harlem (Frozen Border)
Marcel Dettman – Landscape (Answer Code Request remix) (Music Man Records)
KPLR – (Crazy Iris)
Ricardo Tobar – Anne (demo version) (loop) (Knopje Musik)





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