October 12th, 2010

Once Beyond Hopelessness

Wayne Coyne ( The Flaming Lips)Christmas on Mars

“Christmas On Mars” is saying…that we know, for certain, that life is bleak and dark…it is awkward and clumsy and void of all meaning.  Therefore, it is up to us to make it beautiful and graceful .It is up to us to see its magic and wonder. And so, in the truest sense of understanding what is sublime… We know that we can, regardless of our plight, creat our own meaning and create our own joy and happiness… this is the Christmas we speak of.”

” It is impossible to measure the effect that sound has in conjuring a mood. Music, alone, is already profoundly capable…but music – plus pictures – plus momentum of  a story (as in a movie) is in the realm of the most sublime of experiences our minds can understand…( i say “understand because drugs, dreams and sex are, i guess, sublime as well, but we don’t understand them..i don’t anyway ). Years of wonder and fear can be evoked in a ten second scene…Its is a motherfucker. ” – Wayne Coyne 2008



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